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Discover the real deal behind the claims of your foreclosing bank. Things are not always as they appear! THE COURTS HAVE BEEN FLOODED WITH FALSIFIED PAPERWORK. Is your lender involved in forgery, dual tracking, robo-signing, predatory lending or predatory servicing? These are just a few more common matters that can be found. You won't know if you don't have your loan documents examined. You may have a solution right under your nose and not even know it. Find out where you stand and hire a Fraud Examiner!

Attorneys rely on experts all the time. The client pays for the added services and the attorney cherry picks what to fight. Many times if the fight requires learning something new, it is discarded from the fight.

Many attorneys sell you on the idea that all you can most hope for is time. This is hogwash. Get to the bottom of things and discover is you can win. Any time the attorney gets for you comes with a surprise at the end. Every month that goes by has principle, interest and padded fees added to the bill. Loan modifications are sometimes a fishing expedition to discover where you have other assets to collect on a personal deficiency if granted by the court.

How Do you benefit?

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Recently one of our clients was issued back his deed after the court foreclosed, sold the property at auction and the sheriff was already noticing him that they would be out to evict him. A $268,000 mortgage wiped out and a clear deed was his reward due to the efforts of Byebyebanksters.

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Make educated decisions whether or not it is worth your while to fight or move on. Attorneys get paid win or lose! You are the one that ends up holding the bag if things do not work out. No home and a possible deficiency judgment of thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars! Don't make that mistake.

Do you have an offense or defense?

Bankers and loan servicers tell you you took out the loan you owe the money! So, you must pay or get out!The courts look at it the same way. Unless you can prove that you are a victim of predatory lending/servicing or some lender induced foreclosure scheme you will lose, period! There are many consumer protection laws that you may be unaware of. You may be a victim of a 3rd party lender that has no real right of claim against you. Find out today!

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